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Handyman Solutions

Maybe it's time you got someone to help you face up to those tasks that have been on the "to do" list for far too long. If you need handyman solutions, Number1Services can help. With nearly 40 years of combined experience in providing handyman solutions in the Washington, DC and Maryland areas, Number1Solutions is licensed and ready to take care of those repairs you can't seem to get around to.

Our handyman solutions can help you out when you are dealing with appliance setup and issues, such as washer and dryer setup, shelves for microwave ovens, or refrigerator condenser coil cleaning. Number1Services has handyman solutions for bathroom remodeling projects, too, from big to small, like replacing grout, hanging towel racks or mirrors, or re-tiling.

Handyman solutions to carpentry problems are part of our services, too. We build shelving and storage, install closet organizing systems, and install crown, base, or chair molding. Outdoor handyman solutions are no problem either, whether it's fixing chips or cracks in concrete, sealing or repairing a deck, or installing a fence.

Drywall handyman solutions are another area in which Number1Services excells, whether repairing holes, texturing, taping or finishing drywall. If your doors are causing trouble, we have the handyman solutions for weather stripping and preventing drafts, making sticky doors operate smoothly, installing deadbolt locks or replacing a broken doorbell.

Whether you're looking for handyman solutions to floor installation, repair of fences, or installing a garage door opener, Number1Services has the experience and reputation to take care of handyman solutions on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

We have the handyman solutions you need in the Maryland and Washington, DC area to keep your home in top repair and looking great. We are licensed and insured, and eager to get to work on your projects taking care of all home repair and installation needs.